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Translating ideas into code

NOTICE: this website will be replaced soon with a new one as we used those last two years to study, improve and follow the crypto scene daily.

what you will find here is how we started

Blockchain utilities Development

we create EVM-compatible softwares

Smart Contracts

smart contract creation and development

We help converting your ideas into code.

By using the power of EVM, we can develop on any chain that supports Solidity (BSC, ETH, BASE, AVAX and so on)

Contract Checker

All-in-One contract checker

Krakovia Contract checker is an helpful bot that does common contract analysis for you. @krakovia_contract_checker_bot

KK PK Sniper

Get latest created tokens

KK PK Sniper is a listener, it will catch, check and verify every pair created on PancakeSwap. Different from other bots, we made a custom sanity-check engine to filter all verified contracts. A new version is under development and it will support lot of EVM-chains and markets.

Funds recovery

Transactions tracking & funds recovery

We can help in certain cases of fund loss, if it’s a problem with the contract itself or simply you don’t know where the funds gone.

Migration tools

Helping other projects

We made an efficent tool to migrate a whole project. If you need a v1 to v2 token migration, we got you covered. Also if you have any kind of problem with any contract, we can may help!


Web applications for your users

We create Dapps to connect your smart contracts to your audience.

From simple dapps like staking platforms to complex applications like whole marketplaces


For any custom request, contact us

most requested services


  • 1:1 Holders
  • Staking migration support (limited)
  • Reflection support
  • Require custom function for low gas fees


  • Every type of reflection
  • Anti bots/snipers
  • Launch Support
  • Presale Support
  • Free token lockers
  • Efficent auto-swap
  • Low gasFee


  • Airdrop NFT
  • Mint collection in any form
  • Mint single NFT*
  • Mint random NFT from a list*
  • *user can choose the value of payment


  • Dynamic APR/APY
  • Advanced security
  • Support for Token > Token
  • Owner management
  • Custom Dapp

Currently in beta

These tools are for personal use.
Usage is strictly limited to beta members
(contract checker and related channels are free for all and will always be)

Fast Tool

Fast Tool is a Telegram bot where you can buy, sell and approve any token on Pancake and manage your account.

Fast Tool Testnet

Fast Tool but on Testnet.

KK PK PairSniper

KK PancaKe Sniper is a 24/7 scanner, it detect and send any new token on Pancake directly to our scanner.

KK PK HoneySnipe

Any token that fails the sanity checks or the anti-honeypot, will be posted there. DO NOT BUY ANY OF THOSE.

click for a preview

KK PK Cleaned V1

Any token that pass the sanity checks and the anti-honeypot, will be posted there.


krakovia calls

Krakovia Calls VR (incoming)

krakovia calls

The target of this channel is to review new projects in a neutral way, analyzing them in 5 major points, all done in VR



krakovia public group

Telegram channel/group

Latest news about our upcoming things :3

Channel link

Tokens launched

We don't own any of these projects. Their keys are in respective owner's hands.

king floki

King Floki v3

king floki

King Floki v3 is a work-in-progress utility token for the KingFloki Ecosystem. Owned by Travladd, Benson & Krakovia.

Big Croge

Big Croge is one of the first digital asset on Cronos blockchain that rewards holders in CrogeCoin. Inspired by CrogeCoin lovers.

MoonRock (ETH)

We are building a community platform that invests, creates, and supports new and existing blockchain projects. Our goal is to make DeFi easier, safer, more accessible, and more inclusive.

PathFund v2

PathFund is designed to undermine such scams and pulls in the cryptocurrency industry and restore the sense of security amongst users and investors. In addition to providing customised and secure decentralised services, we strive to provide a friendly and safe environment for our users.

Insanity Wolf

Wolf Wallet, One wallet for everything, every token on every chain. With built in bridge and DEX. - Easy Bridge, Transfer your tokens easily with just one click from the Wolf Wallet, with minimum network fee.


MetaGin is the first token that will allow you to buy our own made Gin on our own e-commerce platform.

You will therefore be able to enjoy a glass of refreshing Gin and get rewarded with bnb for this!

GreenChart v2

(We migrated and wrote the new contract  for the new owner.)

Only one thing sells in crypto, and thats a green chart. We have created a token who’s sole purpose is to do just that.


Cheebs is a decentralized meme token that provides investors with three elements, CheeGaming, CheePlus and CheeSure. With each element comes entertainment, rewards and above all a unique utility with a real purpose


Revive is developing the first rug-proof Launchpad on the BSC.
KYCd & Doxxed projects ONLY, no % fee of listed tokens & no dump on projects like other Launchpads do.


Project DogeShark is THE world’s first BSC token that cannot return to earth. We have invented a “first OF its kind” trading mechanism which ensures that our chart is always a higher low. Nothing can root DogeShark from his mission to space.


DogeWine was born from the idea of three entrepreneurs to join two great realities of our day. Italian wine produced tasted and idolatrated all over the world and crypto coins that are able to be the future of the world economy in the short medium term.


Sharedfy is a startup in the Influencer Marketing sector, a sector that is growing exponentially year after year. We are pleased to inform you that Sharedfy will be the first 100% functional Influencer Marketing app in a fast and secure way, we are about to take this sector into the future


Safebuy proposes itself as an innovative mix between launchpad and swap which, thanks to particular technological equipment, is able to evaluate the listed contracts and therefore to offer investors reliable token.

Forever Shiba V2

A Decentralised Meme Token that provides the worlds first dog treats powered by cryptocurrency.


Luxury Token will revolutionalize blockchain lotteries by utilizing NFTs as lottery tickets, thereby ensuring transparency of winners. Utilizing NFTs as lottery tickets will provide a cyclic effect for increasing volume

King Floki V2

An exciting new token on the BSC with huge rewards for holding tokens along with a weekly lottery system.

Backed by Benson, Travladd, Krakovia



Safeplus is the first token that gives you 6 different forms of passive income



Belfast Token is a project made by four Italian friends. The aim of the project is to safeguard the World's Green Lung with funds raised through it.


The Evelyn platform will allow artists to post their work for the community to view, in the form of an online gallery. Art enthusiasts will be able to browse through various artist’s work, with the potential to reach out to them for purchase.


Warlock is a gaming token by gamers for gamers, that will be used in our first game as the classic “gem” you see in modern games on any platform (iOS, Android, PC, Consoles).


Dogerunner is the beginning of the Kryptonite revolution, the First of the LEGIT and High Potential Fair launch


WeedPay is a community focused on supporting cannabis legalization Worldwide.


MiniEverShiba was born with the aim of creating a strong community for the good of animals and people who cares to them.

Panda Tzuki

Pandatsuki is a transparent meme coin meant for charitable purposes and promoting sustainable projects. We have a mission! Revolutionize the way people do charity around the world.

NFTs Projects

We don't own any of these projects. Their keys are in respective owner's hands.

Work In Progress



The Dinos NFTs

Collect your Dinos and help them to win back their land. You’ll get back Dinos’ respect and many rewards!!

300 MoonRock Spartans

First MoonRock limited-edition NFT

Work In Progress



Tech used

HardHat - Ethereum development environment for professionals
Ethereum EVM
VSCode - simply the best IDE
Slither, the Solidity source analyzer
Official Go implementation of the Ethereum protocol
HashLips Art Engine
Procedural NFT platform
Moralis - FireBase for Blockchains
Smart contract toolchain with FuzzTesting in solidity
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who we are


Old-school gamer & self-taught back-end developer. Joined the market with GME on 7feb 2021, 350€ loss by etoro shutting down my account and joined crypto to take my loss back.

Old-school gamer & self-taught back-end developer. Joined the market with GME on 7feb 2021, 350€ loss by etoro shutting down my account and joined crypto to take my loss back.


a mysterious guy who can make and resolve hard problems. IDK how, but i think he’s using some sort of black magic.

a mysterious guy who can make and resolve hard problems. IDK how, but i think he’s using some sort of black magic.


The Bird of Nuxt is my name, eat my wings to make me tame

The Bird of Nuxt is my name, eat my wings to make me tame


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