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Buy, sell and approve tokens on Telegram, bye bye Pancake! o/

(This page refeer to the first version of fast tool)
(to get latest news about the new --> @krakoviachannel on telegram)


All in the shortest possible time

Fast Tool was born from the need for something simple and quick to buy, sell and approve the tokens on the DEX Pancake.

The fast tool integrates perfectly into what can become an autonomous personal trading platform, in combination with the snipe (under development) and the analysis engine.

Available for Mainnet & Testnet with the same account, different bot, same logic.


New version is under development

I’m rewriting the tool from scratch and it will support all the evm blockchains and all the markets that use a fixed AMM logic



To configure the bot, you must first start it with the / start command

to configure the private key, it must be sent in the following format

/ pkey 0xprivatekey


The fast tool is only the first of the various tools under construction, the KKTeam has many nice little surprises in store.

It is not in my interest to sell a product but it is in my interest to offer my personal service to you, the beta tester.

Nobody can predict the future, but we risk creating the best tool the bsc has ever seen, at least in Italy.


Private Key.

The name exactly describes the object, a private key. Sharing a private key is like giving your house keys to someone, in this case, the fast tool.

I have personally programmed the tool, the private key is encrypted as soon as it is received by telegram, saved on the database and decrypted only during the construction phase of the transaction.

I made this bot precisely because I do not trust to give my keys to anyone, but I protect your keys as if they were mine, I am not interested in scamming anyone. =)

One thing to keep in mind, with a private key, you can only transact on one account.

Different from the seed phrase, the private key represents only one account. Never share the seed phrase with anyone, not even a bot, it is useless.

The private key allows the fast tool to be .. fast.



/ status – show info about your account

/ buy – a summary window shows the pending order (buy)

/ sell – same as above command but for sell

/ approve – approve a token

/ b – buy now

/ a – approve immediately

/ s – sell immediately

/ c – check contract

/ cc – contract honeyscan

the syntax for the commands / buy & / b, is

/ command 0xcontract 0.05 (bnb number to buy)

for / sell & / s the syntax is

/ command 0x slippage contract


As already explained, this is a personal tool created for me. It is my intention to continue development until it has reached a sufficient level of utility.

There are still many things to do, so I absolutely do not guarantee that the bot will work. For those who get to know me, they will soon understand that I’m the first to get pissed off if it doesn’t work.

At the same time, the tokens are at stake, so dedicate to the wallet what you are willing to lose, you are in a beta, you have to fix all the problems and improve this tool, day after day.

I take no responsibility in case of lost tokens, but we ALL work together so that, if anything happens (so far 1 time, HoneyMasta), to fix it as soon as possible.

@ karola96 o /


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