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A first glance at this new tech, now public for everyone

So what is this?

Artificial Intelligence, now for everyone

This is something that always fascinated me but it was at the same time, impossible to reach.

There are couple of these tools available now, and i’ve ported them to Telegram, without the needs of a powerful GPU to run on.

What it does?

It creates images outta nowhere, litterally.

You can create whatever you imagine.

You just need words, nothing else.

How it works?


If you was expecting a technical explaination, you’re out of chance.

1 Week ago i didn’t even thought that was actually possible.


Can i try it?


Feel free to use it on Telegram

Search @krakovia_ia_bot or click HERE

One simple command, /gen

/gen a man with a mask of steel, intricate details, detailed shadows, potrait.

Bear in mind it’s a proof-of-concept bot, it may be unresponsive, slow, not responding at all.

What are the credits?

An internal token system to keep resources usage safe

You don’t need a powerful GPU to generate those images, but the system behind the bot does, and for now, is my personal PC.

To load up free 100 credits, feel free to PM me or simply send 0.01BNB (Testnet) on the contract published on @krakovia_ai_discussion

In the coming weeks, i’ll study a way to let anyone contribute with their GPU to this project.

This is a side-project created only to explore this new technology and to share it with some friends.

KKTeam is not responsible of misleading use of it, nor owner of any copyright on any generated images.

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